Testimonials for karate and Fitness classes


Going to sensei Dee's classes has not only made me healthier and fitter but has given me the confidence to handle a situation if it were deemed necessary. sensei Dee is a great teacher and applies a great mix of discipline and praise to anyone training under him. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

Euan Davies

“Sensei Dee is a very devoted Instructor, constantly demonstrates and emphasises the need to train hard and intelligently.

The classes Sensei Dee teaches are always varied and both traditional and modern workouts are taught to all students, but traditional values like respect, discipline and training hard are always maintained. I can honestly state that not only do I believe that he is an excellent teacher, he is also a first class martial artist."

Paul Moss

I have been attending these group exercise classes over the last few months and have seen a great improvement in my fitness. Dee encourages and supports everyone in a friendly atmosphere and offers one to one support too. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending these classes to anyone.

Louise Brown ( Feel good Friday Bootcamp class)

“My Sensei's method and his attention to his detail regarding techniques are crucial  well as being exquisite. Seeing the way that Sensei himself demonstrates the various techniques with grace, elegance and power one can't help but be inspired to attempt to emulate it. Sensei Dee is a wonderful example and mentor to us all especially the Juniors constantly explaining to them how to exercise discipline and restraint in this difficult world we live in today."

Sean mcDonald

“Sensei Dee makes the training sessions very enjoyable, both my son and I find his manner very easy to learn from and his enthusiasm shines through"

Tony Jones

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