DFakira Karate Dojo

The original Seishin-Do Shukokai karate club in Atherton        

 Atherton Chowbent Chapel Hall


Atherton Methodist church


Class time table


Tuesday            Little Bushido Karate - 5yrs to 10yrs 6pm till 7pm

                          Karate - Juniors and adults (11yrs Onwards)​ 7pm till 8pm   Chowbent Chapel hall, Atherton, M46 9DS


Thursday        Little Bushido karate -  5yrs to 10yrs  6pm till 7pm

                        Karate - Juniors and adults (11yrs onwards)  7pm till 8pm   Atherton Methodist church, M46 9DW

                                         Recommended training is 2 times a week



                       Karate - Little Bushido Pay as you go £6.00


                                      8 session pass £40.00


                      Karate - Juniors/adults pay as you go £7.00


                                     8 session pass £48.00



      The passes are:- 

  • Non transferable

  • Non refundable

  • Non roll over

  • Must be used in the same week or month 

  • Payments in cash only,  in advance





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