Lyn Sheils Tai Chi and Martial Arts demonstration charity for Breaking Barriers 

On Saturday 22nd of April Seishin-Do karate club took part in a karate/martial arts demonstration for the 2nd year running. A charity event organised by Lyn Shiels a local Tai Chi instructor.

The event was for a charity called Breaking Barriers for children with disabilities or autism. Two of my students who took part were Paul Moss, David Evans and myself Sensei D Fakira.

The event lasted for two hours, where we had two 5 minute slots. There was some Tai Chi, Goju Ryu and Grappling demonstration. The first 5 minute demo we did between the three of us. David did a basic Gedan Uke Kata, followed by myself doing Rohai and padwork and the second 5 minutes Paul did a single nanchaku demo and myself did the double nanchaku's. To finish off we then did a shinai combat on a point scoring which got everyone buzzing! The grand total money raised was £1600!

Annual Instructors awards 2017


The annual Instructors awards took place in Warrington at hallmark hotel Saturday 22nd April 2018.

Chairman Sensei Roy Stanhope awarding me the official UKASKO tie and badge!

The united!

The two wonderful ladies, borrowing the trophy for a lovely photo shot!

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